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Microcentro is the financial and governmental heart of Buenos Aires. In this area the headquarters of the main banks of the country cohabit with the offices of the Government and the Stock Exchange. It is not a residential area, rather it is a neighborhood of 60 apples purely work, where they work an average of more than three million people according to official estimates. Due to its central location, it is one of the most sought after areas to stay in Buenos Aires. This area has a high demand for tourists because it is the Casa Rosada (seat of government), the Church of San Ignacio de Loyola, the Metropolitan Cathedral and the official Museum of the city. The facades and structures of the skyscrapers of Microcentro preserve French and Londonian architectural features. Not in vain they call it La City. If the tourist wants to buy something, you can go to the popular Florida street, where you can find the Pacific Gallery, an ostentatious shopping center worth seeing for its impressive architecture and theater lights. In this place there are pieces of art on display, specifically in the Borges Cultural Center, located in the upper part of the shopping center. For being practically the center of the city, transportation is what is more than enough to leave and enter to Microcentro. Although the most advisable is to take the lines A, C and E of the metro. Some collective transport lines are prohibited from accessing Microcentro during working hours. However, there are bus lines that border the limits of Microcentro, through the avenues of July 9 and Leandro N. Alem. During the day, along its paths, many tourists are mixed with busy executives while they talk on their cell phones. You can expect to eat tasty in any of its restaurants that serve executive menus, traditional dishes or packed lunches. There are affordable prices and a variety of sweet snack options. At night it is not the best area to walk down the street. After working hours, its streets and avenues are deserted, totally depopulated so you have to take precautions. There are security officers, but it is better to be safe than sorry.