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01. How can I check the availability of the apartments for the dates of my trip?

Enter in the search engine of the home your dates of check in (arrival day in the city) and check out (departure day of the city). Click on “Search”.
The system will show you all the departments that are available for that period and you can see their photos, equipment, prices and descriptions before selecting the one that meets the characteristics you need.

02. How should I proceed to reserve an apartment?

Once you have found the apartment you wish to reserve, you can send your reservation request by clicking on the “Reserve” button. We will receive your reservation request. It is subject to the acceptance of the owner. We will contact the owner and then we will write to you within 24/48 hours, confirming the availability of the apartment for the requested dates and inviting you to reconfirm your reservation through Western Union or in person at our offices. Once we receive your confirmation, you will receive an e-mail with the address of the reserved department, the reservation information and the meeting time in the apartment for the delivery of the keys. You.

03. Is the availability on the screen updated?

Yes, the availability that appears on the screen is updated. The only thing that is not displayed on the screen is the so-called “reservations in process”. What does this mean?
Let’s say that you sent your reservation request on Monday at 3:30 p.m. It may happen that one hour later, another person enters the system and requests the same department for a period that overlaps with yours. And two hours later another person requests the same department for another period that also overlaps with his. In this case, as your order entered first, your order will be the first one that will be put into process. We will call the owner, confirm your dates and we will reply inviting you to reconfirm the order within 24 hours. What happens with the other two applications received? They are put on the waiting list for 24 hours. If you confirm within 24 hours, The other two parties are told that the department had a reservation in process that has been confirmed and sent other department options that are available for the requested period. If you do not confirm within 24 hours, the next request on the waiting list is processed and your reservation request is canceled. For this reason, if you sent a reservation request to a department that already had a reservation request in process, we may not be able to confirm your reservation because there was a reservation in process that was confirmed. In this case you will receive an e-mail explaining that there was a reservation in process and inviting you to reserve another property available for the dates of your trip. The next request on the waiting list is processed and your reservation request is canceled. For this reason, if you sent a reservation request to a department that already had a reservation request in process, we may not be able to confirm your reservation because there was a reservation in process that was confirmed. In this case you will receive an e-mail explaining that there was a reservation in process and inviting you to reserve another property available for the dates of your trip. The next request on the waiting list is processed and your reservation request is canceled. For this reason, if you sent a reservation request to a department that already had a reservation request in process, we may not be able to confirm your reservation because there was a reservation in process that was confirmed. In this case you will receive an e-mail explaining that there was a reservation in process and inviting you to reserve another property available for the dates of your trip.

04. What is the usual deadline that I should wait to receive a response to my request?

You should receive the answer on the same day or within 24 hours / 48 hours depending on the time it was sent and the number of requests that the system receives on that day.

05. What should I do if these deadlines pass and I do not receive a response?

In that case, there may have been some problem with the reception or classification of your request so it would be best to forward the request or write an e-mail warning that your response is delayed for a representative to review what has happened and get in touch with you

06. How much do I have to pay to make a reservation?

The reservation of a property is made by paying 50% of the stay + administrative expenses. For stays of more than 2 months, the reservation will be equivalent to 1 month of the stay.

07. How is the cost of my stay calculated?

For the departments that have weekly prices and published monthly prices, the costs are calculated as follows:
a) If you booked a week, pay the value of a week.
b) If you booked more than one week and less than one month, pay the value of 1 week prorated for the number of nights you have reserved the unit.
c) If you booked a month, pay the value of the month (note: the month is equivalent to 30 nights of stay).
d) If you booked more than one month, pay the value of the prorated month for the number of nights reserved by the unit.

08. What expenses are included in the published prices?

Normally published prices include all the expenses of the department: electricity, gas, expenses, municipal taxes, water and -when specified- cable TV, telephone for local calls (control line) or cell phone with pre-paid card, internet and weekly cleaning service for stays longer than a week. In all cases, the included expenses are published in the file of each department, please check the expenses included in the selected department. Important: The consumptions of light and gas are included as long as they do not exceed 20% of the usual consumption of the unit when it is occupied. For consumptions that exceed the usual consumption by 20%, the difference and the fine will be charged separately, if the same applies.

09. What expenses are not included in the published prices?

Not included in the value of the rent administrative expenses for the reservation made that must be added to the final cost of the stay.

10. Do I have to pay a security deposit to rent the apartment?

The security deposit requested varies according to the time of your stay and is specified in the detail of the conditions of each unit. Unless otherwise specified, respond to the following scheme:

a) If the stay is equal to or less than 2 weeks: The value of 1 week of stay.
b) If the stay is between 2 weeks and a month: The value of two weeks of stay.
c) If the stay is one month or more: The value of 1 month of stay.

11. How and when do I pay the rest of the amount for the stay?

Upon check-in and sign the corresponding rental agreement.

12. What is the minimum time of stay?

Most of the departments published on this site can be reserved for minimum stays of 1 week. In cases where a daily rate is published, minimum stays of 3 days are allowed. In other cases, minimum stays of 1 month or more are allowed, in which case this is specified specifically. Regarding the maximum stay, most departments accept a maximum rental period of six months, with non-mandatory renewal by the owner for periods of 6 months.

13. Do the departments have check-in and check-out times?

Yes, the check-in time is at 2:00 pm and the check-out time is at 10:00 am.
However, it is usual that we can grant earlier check-in or check-out later. This will always depend on the availability of the departments. For example, if a department does not have a reservation taken for the same day of your check out, there will be no inconvenience if you wish to leave the apartment in the afternoon. But if there is a guest entering the apartment that day, you must leave at 10:00 a.m. in the morning. If you wish to guarantee the availability of the department for a later or previous schedule, it is convenient to reserve the space for one more day so that this is blocked in the system and no reservations can be entered for that day.

14. Who will receive me in the apartment?

You will receive a representative from BAHOUSE, at the agreed day and time to hand over the keys and sign the contract. It is normal that the owner also agrees to receive him to welcome him, explain the operation of the department and be at his disposal for any assistance he might need during his stay.

15. How is the meeting time in the department calculated?

Yes. You will arrive to the city by an international flight, normally it is calculated two hours of time to pass the customs and arrive from the international airport to the city of Buenos Aires. You will be received at the apartment two hours after the arrival time of your flight as long as it occurs within our department delivery hours from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. without charge. If you wish to be received in the department outside of these hours, please state this situation so that we can make the necessary arrangements to receive it.

This service has the following additional cost: US $ 35.-
From Monday to Friday from 6 am to 9.30 am and from 6 pm to 24 am:
Saturday, Sunday and holidays from 6.00 am to midnight

We do not hold receptions between midnight and six in the morning.

16. What happens if my flight is delayed?

When confirming your reservation, our system will ask for your flight number. This data is essential for the case of a flight delay because it allows us, if you do not show up at the agreed time, call the airport and request the new scheduled landing schedule. With this new schedule, we calculate the two hours of time necessary to go through customs and get to the city and we will wait for you in that new schedule. You should not bother to call from the airport as the airport informs us about the arrival times of the flights.

17. What happens if I lose a connection and arrive at the city at another time with another flight number?

In this case it is advisable that you try to contact us to combine a new meeting time in the department since the change of arrival flight number will not allow us to find out by our means.

18. What happens if I lose my bags or have any other complications when arriving at the international airport?

As in the previous case, we will need you to contact us to let us know and combine a new meeting time in the department as we can not foresee this type of inconvenience either.

19. What is the waiting tolerance time in the department?

Our representative has an order to wait up to 30 additional minutes for any delays unrelated to the flights, a lot of traffic in the city or any other small reason that could have delayed the arrival of the guest to the department involuntarily.

20. What happens if I arrive at the apartment more than 30 minutes late and I can not notify about the delay?

If this happens on a weekday during business hours, we will be waiting for you at our offices to give you the keys and sign the contract. If this happens one weekday outside of business hours (10 a.m. to 6 p.m.) or a holiday or weekend, you should contact the representative who was waiting for you.

21. Who should I turn to if I have a problem with the department?

When you arrive at the apartment, you will be provided with telephone numbers and contact information to which you can refer any difficulty. Normally, your contact in the city will be the owner of the apartment or a representative of BAHOUSE who will assist you during your stay and can evacuate any questions that may arise about the operation of the property.

22. What does the cleaning service consist of when it is included?

When the cleaning service is included, it consists of cleaning the unit that employs personnel hired by the owner of the property. Normally, the departments that include a cleaning service include it once a week, except for 1-week stays. In these cases, the cleaning items for carrying out the service are provided by the owner. The cleaning service does not include changing and washing the linen except when specified otherwise. If you need a frequency higher than the one included in the rent, you can request it at the time of your arrival to the owner so that the additional service required is managed. In cases where cleaning service is not included, the possibility is usually offered that you hire it as an option.

23. Do the apartments include sheets and towels?

All our apartments have sheets and towels.

24. How many sheets and towels will I find in the apartment?

Normally the apartments have two sets of towel and towel for each guest and two sets of sheets for each existing bed in the unit. In this way, guests can have a spare set while the other is in the laundry. In cases where the cleaning service includes the provision and washing of linen, you will find the prepared beds and two sets of towel and towel for each guest that is expected in the unit since the service staff is who will be responsible to take the extra games when it comes to doing the cleaning. It will remove the ones that are in use and will replace them with new ones that will be used for the occasion.

25. How will I pay for my phone bills?

Most of the departments included in the site have any of the following telephone systems:
a) Pre-paid accounts: these are telephone lines that work with credits that are added to the telephone line. In these cases you can buy pre-paid phone cards and include a certain amount of credits on the line to use during your stay. These cards are sold in the call shops and are charged to the line by a very simple procedure.
b) Controlled accounts: telephone lines that operate with a limited amount of credits paid by the owner on a monthly basis. In these cases it is likely that you already have some credits upon arrival at the property. Once the credits are exhausted, to continue speaking, you will need to add more credits to the line, which is done in the same way as in the pre-paid lines.

A small portion of the departments have local consumer telephone lines open. In these cases the balance of the account is consulted at the time of departure and the telephone consumptions made from the deposit left in guarantee are debited.

26. How do I make calls to cell phones from the rented apartment?

Your phone will allow you to make local calls.

If you want to make calls to cell phones, interurban or international, you must buy phone cards.

For calls to cell phones, you can buy at any kiosk or booth, the so-called Global Telecom Card.

On the back of this card you will find the instructions for use, which we transcribe below:

· Call 0800-777-6543

· From a Telecom telephone, you can dial in abbreviated form * 130 #.

· Dial the number of the card + the key of the same.

· To make local calls: Dial the local number followed by the # key.

· To make interurban calls: Dial Area Code + local number followed by the # key.

· To make international calls: Dial 00 + Country Code + Area Code + local number followed by the key

27. How can I connect to the internet from the department?

If you plan to travel with your laptop, you can communicate to the internet through different means (telephone, cable modem, ADSL, Wi-fi, etc.). Normally, the publication of the property clarifies the type of access offered by each unit in particular. Almost all departments have a telephone line except for rare exceptions; please, check -in the department’s file- to specify what type of connection you have.
In case of a telephone connection, you will be able to communicate to the internet through a free server and you will need to resort to the purchase of telephone cards to charge credits to the telephone. Remember that local telephones have a measured service that is invoiced per minute and that depending on the telephone system of your department, it is most likely that you need to charge credits to the telephone in order to have minutes of internet connection by phone. If you need a high speed internet connection, by broadband, 24 hours a day, when selecting the unit check the list of equipment that has this service installed. Note that if you use an operating system other than Windows (MAC, Linux or others) it is likely that you. must make some adaptation so that the broadband service works properly. In these cases, local companies do not always provide assistance, so we recommend you resolve it before your trip.

28. How do I calculate the departure time based on the time of my departure flight?

If you will take an international flight, you must ask for the taxi 3 hours before the departure time of the flight.

29. Who will fire me from the department?

It will be dismissed by a BAHOUSE representative or the owner of the apartment, at the agreed day and time. At that moment, the deposit will be returned, after checking the inventory and state of the property and you will be given the keys to the property.

30. How should I return the apartment at the time of my departure?

You will receive the clean unit, with clean bedding and bath. You are expected to return the apartment in the same condition it was received, clean and comfortable, even if the rented apartment provided maid service. It is not necessary that you take care of the washing of the last set of sheets and towels used since it is understood that you will not have the material time to take care of it. Yes, it is expected that you will not return all the sheets and towels in the unit.

31. What happens if I break something?

You must pay for damaged or missing furniture that will be deducted from the security deposit.

32. Do I have to pay an administrative fee?

Yes, you must pay 15% of the total of the contracted stay of administrative expenses. They are applied only once for each contract that you make through the company. If you reserve the same apartment for two periods, you must pay the corresponding fees for each contract generated. For contracts of 6 months, the fees will be equivalent to 1 month of stay of the selected department.