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Palermo is the most extensive neighborhood of Buenos Aires and probably the most eclectic and heterogeneous of the city. Within it are various sub-neighborhoods such as Palermo Vivo, Palermo Chico, Palermo Hollywood, Palermo Soho or Palermo Viejo. Along the elegant avenues and streets of this neighborhood are elegant residences, embassies, and luxury apartments as well as old houses of Spanish colonial heritage and squares and emblematic parks of the city considering this neighborhood as the green lung of the city of Buenos Aires. Aires. Palermo (Palermo Soho y Palermo Hollywood) The more than 16 square kilometers of Palermo makes it the largest neighborhood. Considered the green zone of Buenos Aires, it is not exaggerated that Palermo is conceived as a city within the city. It has an unlimited number and variety of entertainment, transportation, food, and hospitality services, as well as tourist attractions, all this while being a sophisticated residential area, combining elegant buildings with old houses, where the upper-middle class lives. In this area, we must highlight two subzones: Palermo Soho and Palermo Hollywood. Soho is an area marked by the bohemian and artistic spirit of its residents. It is made for the enjoyment of art (galleries and museums), fashion (designer and boutique shops) and good food (medium and high-end restaurants). This area tries to be successfully a replica of the Soho neighborhood of London, with the cultural qualifications of Argentina. Palermo Soho is the favorite of tourists looking for more alternative accommodation, something different from the pompous hotel chains. Therefore, in Soho, it is common to find lodgings with authentic designs and decorations. In addition, the place is surrounded by bookstores, craft fairs, theaters, show halls and offers good communication with the historic center through the metro and lines of modern buses. For its part, Palermo Hollywood is famous for hosting film and television production houses. Hence its name, because it refers to Hollywood, the well-known American district linked to the film industry. In this area of ​​Palermo, it is common to run into artists and producers of local entertainment. Here there are many low-profile houses converted into gourmet cafes, shops and themed hotels. The area is an indisputable culinary hub, especially for the entrepreneurship of local and foreign chefs who run businesses with eclectic decorations and exclusive dishes. Quiet in the day, moving at night, Palermo Hollywood (like its neighbor Soho) has nightspots to have a good time, the experience is well worth it.