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Puerto Madero

Known as one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, Puerto Madero is dominated by high-end rental residences and five-star luxury hotels. If you are looking for exclusivity it is an excellent options to stay in Buenos Aires. This neighborhood, with more than 2 kilometers of area and about 7 thousand inhabitants, is the result of an architectural recovery of old and abandoned sheds, wharves and mills, which are currently shown to the public as modern restaurants, offices, hotels, luxury homes and huge skyscrapers. Staying in Buenos Aires in this neighborhood is ideal for couples and lovers of walking because it has wide and long walks that border the Rio de la Plata, where there are rows of yachts and small boats at anchor. When walking Puerto Madero, you must take a photograph for posterity at Puente de la Mujer, a work of exclusive pedestrian crossing that represents the vanguard of art and architecture in Buenos Aires. If you look carefully, this bridge represents the image of a couple dancing a tango porteño. In addition, the tourist infrastructure of Puerto Madero offers cafes and restaurants to the public, where the traveler can taste national and international dishes, while enjoying the view of the Río de la Plata at sunset. A dinner and then a walk through the shopping area is an ideal plan. Do not miss the Fuente de la Nereidas, a tribute dedicated to women by the outstanding author Lola Mora. The walks are pleasant precisely because Puerto Madero is one of the safest neighborhoods in Buenos Aires because of the abundant police surveillance. In short, it is an excellent neighborhood where you can book your accommodation in Buenos Aires.