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Terms & Conditions


All departments within the network of BAHOUSE have been previously selected by company staff.
All of them are fully furnished and equipped with crockery and linen.


Prices quoted are retail prices, and in all cases, unless otherwise noted, including expenses, taxes, water, electricity, gas and, when specified, cable TV, wireless internet and weekly cleaning service. Cleaning services are only applicable to stays longer than a week when it is indicated that includes phone is meant to include the basic service (Line Control or similar) or a cell phone in cases so specified (see below the description phone systems available in the departments).

Important: The consumption of electricity and gas are included provided they do not exceed 20% of the regular consumption of the unit. If consumption exceeded that mark, you must pay the difference and the fine companies apply for excess usage, when applicable.

Administrative Expenses

The BAHOUSE fees are 15% of the total stay. They are applied only once for each contract that you make through the company. If you reserve the same apartment for two periods, you must pay the corresponding fees for each contract generated. For contracts of 6 months, the fees will be equivalent to 1 month of stay of the selected department.

Early Check In / Late Check Out

At the agreed date and time, a representative of BAHOUSE will receive you at the rented property to deliver the keys and sign the corresponding contract and at this time the stay and the deposit and administrative expenses are paid. BAHOUSE offers this service free of charge every day from Monday to Friday from 10am to 6pm. If you wish to be received in the apartment outside of these hours or on holidays, please state this situation so that we can make the necessary arrangements to receive it. This service an additional cost of US $ 35.-

Monday through Friday from 6 am to 9 am and from 6:30 pm to midnight.

Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 6 am to 24 hours.

We do not hold receptions between midnight and six in the morning.

Important: This service is paid regardless of the actual arrival time to the department. That is, if we have had a representative waiting for you during the specially agreed time, even if you finally arrived at the time considered “no charge”, you must pay for the contracted service.

The security deposit requested varies according to the time of your stay and is specified in the detail of the conditions of each unit. Unless otherwise specified, respond to the following scheme:

  1. If the stay is equal to or less than 2 weeks: The value of 1 week of stay.
  2. If the stay is between 2 weeks and 1 month: The value of 2 weeks of stay.
  3. If the stay is more than 1 month: The value of 1 month of stay.

Please verify the amount required for this deposit in the selected property, as this rule may vary in some cases.

The damage deposit is refunded on the day of departure of the guest – occasion in which the owner or a representative of BAHOUSE attends to receive the keys – after review of the inventory and the general condition of the property. If there were damages or missing during the stay of the guest, the deposit will be debited from the amount necessary for the replacement of the things to their previous state. If this cost exceeds the amount of the security deposit, the difference must be paid by the guest. It is the obligation of the guests to return the properties in the same conditions of order and cleanliness that were delivered. The inclusion of cleaning service in the price does not revoke the obligation of the guest to leave the property in the same conditions of hygiene and presentation in which it was found upon arrival. If the property is returned in an unsuitable state of order and cleanliness, the owner is authorized to deduct from the deposit the costs necessary to return to the property its original state of cleanliness and order.


The reservation of a property is made by paying 50% of the stay + administrative expenses. For stays of more than 2 months, the reservation will be equivalent to 1 month of the stay.

The advance can be made by:

  • Cash payment in our offices.
  • By Western Union
  • Pay Pal

The shipping costs are charged to the applicant.
The balance of the stay and the deposit in guarantee are paid in cash upon arrival at the property.
Reservations are made for a specific period of time. This period of time must be respected.

Cancellation Policy
In the event that the guest should cancel the reservation made, the amount paid is not refundable, unless the cancellation is made more than 30 days in advance in which case 50% of the amount paid for booking less will be refunded the shipping costs that will be applied in each case. Important: In the case of cancellations of extended stays, in no case will the percentages of the cancellation indicated above exceed the equivalent of 1 month’s rent of the reserved property.


Temporary rental contracts are not extendable. They have a start date and an end date

If you wish to extend your stay in the rented property:

  1. In the first instance, you must contact BAHOUSE to verify if it is available for the additional period requested.
  2. If it is available, we will invite you to stop by our offices to sign the extension of the contract and pay the additional stay contracted.

Early Cancellation
The amounts paid for rent are not refundable. If the guest wishes to shorten his stay, the payment already made can not be refunded. For this reason we recommend our guests make the reservation for the period in which they will occupy the property safely and then try to hire the additional time that is necessary. In the case of rental contracts for several months in which the rent is paid month by month, if a guest decides to terminate the contract in advance, he loses the amount left as deposit as compensation for the owner for breach of contract

Check in / Check out

Check in: 14.00hs
Check out: 10.00hs

Check in
Upon arrival of the guest, at the pre-agreed time, the owner of the apartment or a representative of BAHOUSE, receives it in the rented property where the rental contract will be signed and the inventory check attached. Paying the balance of your stay and the corresponding deposit in guarantee. The guest receives the keys to the property and the data of the owner for any requirement in relation to the property.

If your arrival time is before 2:00 pm and the department is available, you can occupy it without paying any additional cost. This situation is verified frequently. However, if the property is occupied, you must wait for the check-in time. Or, if you wish to ensure 100% the availability of the property to enter before 2:00 pm you must add one day to your stay requesting the unit for the day before your arrival.

Check out

If a guest’s departure time is after 10am and the property does not have another subsequent reservation, the guest can stay at the property until the most convenient departure time without paying any additional cost. If the property has a subsequent immediate reservation, the guest must vacate the property at 10 a.m. If the guest would like to ensure the permanence in the property after 10.00 am on the day of his check out, he must reserve the property for an additional day.

Note: The check out is made by the owner of the property. The check-out time must be agreed during the check-in as the owner must be organized to be available at the agreed day and time to collect the keys and return the deposit. Please note that, if you change your day or time of departure for any unforeseen, and provided that as a result of this change the owner was not available on the new day or time requested, your deposit will have to be returned by Western shipping. Union (or other means that you indicate), being in your charge -in these cases- the payment of the eventual shipping cost.

About admission and permanence in the apartment

  1. Guests are required to provide the names, identification numbers and ages of all persons occupying the property. The permanence in the property of more guests than those previously agreed upon is grounds for eviction.
  2. Guests must respect building regulations regarding pet admission, noise and other associated circumstances. The violation of these rules is grounds for eviction.
  3. All owners reserve the right of admission regarding guests on their property.

Booking guarantee
BAHOUSE is in charge of carrying out all the procedures of reservation of a specific property for the period consigned by the guest.

  1. In the event that, prior to the arrival of the guest, unexpected damage occurred in the reserved property that prevented their stay in the selected property, BAHOUSE informs the guest of what happened and offers two alternatives: a) Relocation to another department with similar characteristics and amenities available for the date of your trip. b) Refund of the amount paid as reservation. In the event that the guest chooses alternative a), BAHOUSE tries by all means to obtain a property with similar characteristics and costs. If this is not possible, BAHOUSE informs the guest of the difference in characteristics or costs -in more or less- of the option that would have available for the dates of your stay so that he decides freely if you want the processing of the new reservation is made or if you prefer to cancel the reservation made.
  2. If at the time of delivery of a property or during the stay of the guest an inconvenience arises that makes it impossible for them to stay in the rented property, BAHOUSE guarantees the guest that they will take all the necessary steps to resolve the inconvenience and the guest agrees to accept these steps to obtain the resolution of the problem arising. In the event that the problem is of such a serious nature as to be impossible to resolve within a reasonable time, BAHOUSE will offer the guest the following alternatives:
    1. Relocate it to another department available for the remaining period until the contract ends;
    2. Return the rent equivalent to the days not used of the contract.

In the event that the guest chooses alternative a), BAHOUSE tries by all means to obtain a property with similar characteristics and costs. If this is not possible, BAHOUSE informs the guest of the difference in characteristics or of the costs – in more or less – of the option that would be available for the period of their stay so that they can freely decide if they want the procedure to be carried out. relocation or if you prefer to cancel the remaining days of the reservation made.

  1. In no case BAHOUSE accepts claims or relocation requests for causes external to the limits of the reserved unit, for example and only illustrative but not limited: for noise from the street or adjacent works, for the status of the bearings and other spaces of common use of a building, for repairs that the consortium decided to carry out in areas of common use, for what happened with the elevator of the building, for repairs that were made in neighboring units, or for any other situation that occurred outside the limit of the unit that has been reserved.
  2. Faced with the occurrence of acts of God or force majeure such as cataclysms, tornadoes, floods, earthquakes, storms, any acts of nature, attacks, acts of vandalism or other acts unrelated to the responsibility of owners such as cuts general lighting, gas cuts arranged by the supplier companies or any other facts that exceed the responsibility of the owners and make it uncomfortable or impede the guest’s stay in the rented unit, BAHOUSE undertakes to perform all the procedures that are in its scope to collaborate in the resolution of the problem arising, but in such cases can not guarantee the guest that he will not incur higher costs: payment for rent difference, payment of new administrative expenses or other costs that the resolution that arrives I could imply.

About the pictures posted on the site
BAHOUSE does not admit properties in its system unless they have been visited and photographed directly by BAHOUSE personnel. BAHOUSE has a system of periodic updating of the published photographs and asks the owners to inform of any change introduced in the property in order to take new photographs. This conduct is maintained in order to guarantee our clients the quality standards and services that characterize us. However, BAHOUSE is not responsible for any changes in the decoration of the apartments that the owners decided to make. For this reason, the photos published on this site they are presented in order to provide the future guest with an idea as approximate as possible of the offered property. The photos do not necessarily represent the decoration of the property with absolute fidelity

About the information published
The information published on the BAHOUSE website is merely indicative and is intended to provide the client with an approximate idea of ​​the published property. This can not be considered as accurate. In all cases, this information is relieved by trained BAHOUSE personnel according to their evaluation of the property and to that stated by the owner.

About the telephone systems in the properties

Most of the departments published on the site have any of the following telephone systems: a) Line Zero: This is a telephone service that allows local calls to be made through the purchase of pre-paid telephone cards that the guest may purchase in the telephone centers of the respective company (telephone booths). It allows the reception of all types of calls. b) Control Line: This is a telephone service that works with a limited amount of credits paid by the owner on a monthly basis. In these cases it is likely that you already have some credits upon arrival at the property. Once the credits included are exhausted, to continue speaking, you will need to add more credits to the line, which is done in the same way as in the pre-paid lines. For calls to cell phones, long distance calls or international calls, the guest must proceed with the purchase of pre-paid telephone cards. This service allows guests to receive all kinds of calls.

About the Internet service in the properties

Several of the buildings published on this site include Internet access service. This service, in our city, can be provided through different means (Cable modem, ADSL, Wi-fi, etc.). Normally, the publication of the property clarifies the type of access offered by each unit in particular. If this information does not appear and you find it relevant, please ask our representatives at the time of booking. Note: The inclusion of the Internet access service does not imply the provision of the computer
Important:  The Internet service is provided by a local Internet company and it is not the responsibility of the owner or BAHOUSE to ensure that the service works without damage during your stay. In this sense, if the supplier company fails to comply with the service for any technical reason, it will not be the responsibility of the owner or BAHOUSE to respond for the operation of the Internet connection.  The special configuration that is necessary is not the responsibility of the owner or BAHOUSE. BAHOUSE is always available to guests staying in the network to provide them with all kinds of information they may require.